Piedmont Fellows Program Celebration

Board Member



​Mission Accomplished! Congratulations to the inaugural Piedmont Fellows class that was a joy to partner with!  


 Friendly Educators Graduation




​Super proud of our graduating seniors who worked extremely hard to attain this exciting accomplishment!  


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 Friendly Hills Church

Men's Retreat



​A wonderful weekend retreat with the great guys of Friendly Hills!  I enjoyed sharing five sessions focusing on faith moving us forward!  


 UNCG Office of Leadership and Service Learning

Leadership Coach


​Proud to partner with UNCG for a second consecutive year and continue to encourage college students to seek and develop their leadership potential! 


"Thank you for your dedication in facilitating individual and group

coaching sessions, championing participants through reflective practice

and motivating students to live up to their leadership aspirations!" 

-April Marshall, Director of Leaders Development at UNCG (OLSL)


 GSO Fellows



​An excellent school year teaching and training  these dynamic young people in the Personal Leadership Development High School Class...their future is bright! 


"Thank you for joining us!  Hearing your story, about your ministries and

your wisdom was powerful!"

-Dodd Drake, Director of Greensboro Fellows


 Friendly Educators

2017-2018 School Year Teacher 

An excellent school year teaching and training  these dynamic young people in the Personal Leadership Development High School Class...their future is bright! 


"This book changed my perspective on leadership!  I learned that every

situation and opportunity in life can be used to further our personal growth

and increase our leadership potential!" 

-Abigail, 11th grade student at Friendly Educators

 Building Bridges  TV

Show Guest


​Honored to be interviewed by

Sandra Hughes and receive an award in partnership with the

Greensboro Police Department for community service on their local Building Bridges tv show. 


 Christians in the Marketplace Conference Event MC 


​It was a thrill to work with the

legendary and former UNC Tar Heel player and coach, Phil Ford!  We enjoyed this event and were greatly encouraged at the Christians in the Marketplace Annual Conference! 



Local Host & Event MC



​​​Live2Lead is a simulcast leader development experience designed to equip you with new perspectives, practical tools, and key takeaways. 


#Grow #Lead #Change

"Live2Lead was a remarkable event for me and my leadership team!  We came away with practical and effective strategies for leading better at work, at home and in our community!"


-Janet Ward Black, Principal Owner/Attorney at Ward Black Law  

Guilford College Football 

Pre-game Speech


Great being back with the Guilford College Football Team this season and speaking in their Pre-Game service  before their game at Davidson!



"Tony's pre-game chapel message to our team was the perfect combination

of inspiration and challenge.  The players were engaged from beginning to end

and Tony did an amazing job! I was deeply encouraged not only by his message,

but by his heart for others that came through in every interaction."


-Judson Van White, Guilford College Football Chaplain



ProFeet Professional Leadership Development



A wonderful five-weeks with the managerial team at ProFeet working through "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth" book by John Maxwell


"Tony is open and honest putting you right at ease while motivating you at the same time!  I am now not afraid of failure and I am going to take on new challenges."


-Leslye White, Pro Feet, Inc., Inside Sales and Support

 GSO Can We Talk? Speaker


​Extremely grateful for the courageous organizers and leaders challenging our culture to positively wrestle with the struggle or race relations peacefully and powerfully! 


ASSE Professional Development Conference Speaker


An outstanding time with the members of the American Society of Safety Engineers Triad Chapter speaking on the importance of Emotional Intelligence in successful leaders and in their leadership.


"Tony's presentation was enlightening!  I particularly liked the way he wove his personal life story into the topic of emotional intelligence in order to bring the subject to life and help us to retain the information long after the session was over."


-Ronald Graves, American Society of Safety Engineers Professional Development Chair, Triad Chapter

Friendly Educators Commencement Speaker


Extremely proud of the Friendly Educators 2017 Graduates and such a joy to be part of the incredible academic journey for each of these students and their families!


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"Tony's heart for God and for people shines through in everything he does.  His connection with our students is a powerful encouragement to them.  We were blessed to have him as our 2017 graduation speaker and as a a continuing role model and mentor for our teens."


- Ellen Dockham, Friendly Educators Founder and Former Director

GSO Fellows

Fundraiser - Sponsor  


A sensational night serving as a sponsor raising awareness and funds for the life-changing Greensboro Fellows program which highlights developing Christian character, leadership development and professional




 Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Conference Speaker



Proud to present two sessions on Professional Development and Creating Organizational Change to the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at their Regional Leadership Conference at UNCC.


"Tony is a riveting and captivating speaker!  His use of real-world situations and relevant topics kept me engaged and focused throughout his presentation.  He is a master at showing how to recognize alternate approaches to find solutions to today's matters."

- Benjamin Griffiths, BSME - SHPH UNC Charlotte Chapter

Racial Reconciliation Speaker


Honored to speak at Friendly Hills Church on Racial Reconciliation within the Church in America and here locally in Greensboro, NC.


"I've heard Tony speak to a wide range of audiences...yet, he finds a way to speak the language of those around with humor, relevance and a call to leadership that is tangible.  Tony will be the speaker your organization looks forward to learning from!"


- Mike Gatton, Piedmont Fellows Director and Friendly Hills Church Member

 Christians in

      the Marketplace      

Conference Speaker


​An exciting and encouraging time as I spoke on passion and purpose with the fantastic and fired-up folks at the Christians in the Marketplace Annual Conference! 


"Tony is an energetic, entertaining and encouraging speaker...Dynamic!"

-Janet Ward Black, Principal Owner/Attorney at Ward Black Law  

"I was incredibly inspired by Tony's presentation!  His demeanor is friendly and engaging and his words are full of vision and insightful wisdom that is powerful while still relatable."  -Mary Elizabeth Beal, Owner and Principle Designer of MBID International


Local Host & Event MC



​​​Live2Lead is a simulcast leader development experience designed to equip you with new perspectives, practical tools, and key takeaways. 


#Grow #Lead #Change

Guilford College Football 

Pre-game Speech



Terrific time sharing a pre-game speech with the  Guilford College Football team encouraging them

to Work Hard, Work Together & Win Today...which they did! 



"Tony delivered a great message to our team at our weekly pre-game meetings...his passion shows through his delivery of his message!" 

-Chris Rusiewicz, Head Football Coach at Guilford College

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